About the Artist

Who is Debbie Kronsted       

I am a polymer clay* artist. I have been working with polymer clay for 15 years.

If I have to give a description of what I do, is that I absolutely do not care about rules and norms, about what is modern or in. When I get an idea, I make it. When I think of a new technique, I'm trying it out.

To me, is nothing called good or bad taste.

If you like it, it's ok! If it appeals to you, it's ok! And most importantly if it makes you happy then it is absolutely ok! One thing you can say for sure. I'm not a minimalist.

Another thing that characterizes me is that I am very curious. Therefore, you will see in my work that in addition to polymer, I weave and make macramé, kumihimo and once in a while I play with wood and some metal for the jewelry.

I fell over polymer clay by chance on the internet and I immediately became interested. I had in the basement some old pieces of polymer clay from the time I made dollhouse stuff with my daughter. It came up and strangely, it was still ok. That was enough to get me caught. Yes, working with polymer clay is highly addictive.

Since "the world of polymer art" is still very small, many of us knows each other. I have trained over time via the internet with the biggest polymer artists.

I make applied art; teapots, jugs, vases, lamps, bowls of all sizes, boxes and jewellery.

I hope you enjoy what you see!


* Polymer clay is artificial clay

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